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To the Point of Caring


One thing I have noticed is that a new Synaesthetic experience can be developed when an individual is being exposed to a new area of learning. Another thing I have noticed is that men and women react to their own or their children’s synaesthesia very differently :-)

When my children were young, we used to have a daily family bed time chat in their shared bedroom. One summer night, I was lying next to Skye in his bed whereas my husband was lying next to Thomas who had fallen asleep on his tummy.

“Mum, today at school, I saw an adjective word on each person.” Skye declared excitedly. He was learning adjectives, nouns and verbs at school. “Do you want me to have a look what yours is?” Before I could respond, he had already jumped off his bed and switched on the light. “What are you doing? Turn the light off! Thomas is asleep!” I scolded. “But I need the light to see what it says.” He stared at my front shirt for a second and said, “it says CARING.”

“Would you mind to turn the light off now?”, I requested. “Oh, let me have a look what Thomas’ is.” Before I could fully understand what he was going to do, he turned Thomas around and yelled, “Oh, it says FRIENDLY!”

This time, I hit the roof. “What the hell did you turn him around for?” He replied, “but I couldn’t see the word from his back. I could only see from the front.”

I realised how real his synaesthetic experience was. For a period of time followed by discovering my children’s massive extent of synaesthesia, my vocabulary was limited to things like “oh goodness me”, “how could that be the case?”, “oh dear, I am having a heart attack.”

You must be able to imagine what I was saying at that moment. However, my husband did not say one word during this whole episode. “Aren’t you going to say something?”, I urged him. He slowly got up and walked out of the room. He did say something, something like this, “I am desensitised to all this”.

Oh dear, that must be the difference between a man and a woman. I was still in my long term transitional period whilst he had already reached his target state.

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