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The Days of the Week Synaesthesia

After more than a year’s break from writing my blog Synaesthesia Discovery, I feel that the temptation of re-starting my blog is rising.

The year has been hectic. I have been fully occupied by a large program at work. One day, waking up at the news that the program would no longer continue due to the downturn of the economy, I could not help but re-assessing my life priority.

Children have grown so much taller last 12 months. Skye is now above 170cm and is proud of being taller than his mum. Thomas is close to 145cm in height. The two brothers still have the ‘love and hate’ relationship, competitive and funny together.

This Melbourne’s winter has been colder than usual. Thomas caught a bad cold last week, and is still recovering today. I stayed home with him and had a nap in the afternoon. When Skye arrived back after a long day at school, he was surprised to see both Thomas and me in PJ.

“I wish I stayed home with you guys! I hate Mondays!” Exclaimed Skye.

“I love Mondays. I wish I could be at school!” Responded Thomas, adding a remark, “I see myself in an Indian restaurant on Monday.”

“That’s the problem. I don’t feel anything because Monday is becoming so boring.” Skye almost felt sorry for himself.

“That’s like my Tuesday. Tuesday is my least favourite day of a week. I feel myself in a dump.” Thomas could very much relate to how his brother felt about Monday.

The talk continued at our newly introduced ‘Family Conversation Hour at the Dinner Table”. This new program, suggested by a couple of my friends, aims to build a strong family bond by sharing what each of us has done during the day.

Once at the dinner table, I asked children if I should go back to write my blog. Thomas immediately declared that he no longer had synaesthesia. He has been going through a synaesthesia denial phase. I was surprised that he had initiated this conversation today.

“I don’t feel anything on Wednesday, but Thursday I see myself eating a parmajarma at Mrs Parma’s restaurant. I think Friday as 750 because 7:50pm is when footy starts, and I picture myself in a pub drinking beer and watching footy on TV.”

We all laughed. Skye was quick to compare notes, “Tuesday I see myself eating bok choy and buying groceries as Tuesday is very green. I also feel like climbing a rocky mountain. Wednesday is a bit strange, I am at Clive Palmer’s party playing guitar! I don’t know why. My favourite synaesthesia out of all of the days of the week is Thursday as I travel all over the place: taking a trip to heaven, going to Ireland and then Turkey to get good luck and get drunk!” He later on explained that ever since he was a baby, he associated Thursday with the country Turkey which resulted in a sensation of travel.

“Friday is my favourite day. My synaesthesia brings me to a resort. Throughout the evening, I go out with friends to scenic places to have dinner. At 10pm, I go out with a girlfriend. Remember, this is very futuristic.”

Beer, political party, and girlfriend in their synaesthetic perception!! Haven’t my children grown?

“What about weekends?” I was getting more and more intrigued.

Thomas was first to speak, “On Saturday, I am at a religious place with a lot of nice religious people. Sunday is an ice cream day, and I feel like in an ice cream shop.”

“I don’t feel I am at anywhere on Saturday, but I always see beautiful rainbow like colours, a bit of blue, green, yellow, orange, a tiny bit of red, white and black. As far as Sunday goes, I am at a park playing on a swing and eating an ice cream sundae.” Skye explained.

“Mum and dad, what about you guys? What do you feel about the days of the week?”

It was hard for me to answer, “I don’t feel much unfortunately except Monday is fresh and crispy. I want to dislike Monday, but I find it difficult. Oh I do see Monday and Tuesday on my left, Wednesday in front of me, and Thursday and Friday on my right. It’s hard to explain Saturday and Sunday. They move from my right hand side up to the sky and turn into a cloud like shape.”

“Dad, your turn!”

“I just get up everyday and go to work, don’t think about anything.” My husband answered calmly.

We all laughed loudly. Simplicity is always better than complexity :-)

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