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Tasting Series: 5. Tasting Geometric Shapes


A few months ago, in preparation for the 10th Annual National Conference of the American Synesthesia Association, Dr. Sean Day asked help from Geometric Shape -> Colour synaesthetes by providing him a complete set of geometric shape and colour associations. Through that experience, I realised how complex Skye’s Geometric Shape -> Colour synaesthesia was.

Born as a Mathematical prodigy, Skye’s shape and pattern recognition skills are well beyond his biological age. By 17-month-old, he was able to recognise common shapes such as ovals, squares, circles, triangles etc.

So I know it was not easy for me to completely capture his Geometric Shape -> Flavour Synaesthesia in this blog. However, I have given my best shot with Skye’s help.

Equilateral: No taste
Acute triangle: No taste
Isosceles triangle (wide): Asthmatic puff
Isosceles triangle (sharp): Ice
Right triangle: Fairly sugary biscuits
Scalene triangle: Snails

Square: Sweet soft butter & cheese
Rectangle: No taste
Diamond: 1/2 Ginger, 1/2 Cinamon
Parallelogram: Very very weak ginger beer
Trapezoid: No taste

Pentagon: No taste
Hexagon: Lime
Septagon/ Heptagon: Curry leaves
Octagon: 1/2 Rice cake, 1/2 Indian cracker
Nonagon: Always fruit salad, but different mixture from time to time
Decagon: Petrol
Undecagon/ Hendecagon: No taste
Dodecagon: Bubble gums
Tridecagon: No taste, but hear sounds
Icosagon: Cherry, and hear the “The Ants Come Marching” song
Circle: No taste
Oval: A mixture of watermelon and grapefruit
Star: Sea water
Crescent: Unpoisonous weak lavender & vinegar powder

Even though all shapes have colours, Skye definitely has far more synaesthetic taste responses to shapes that are more unique. He thinks a scalene triangle has such a dodgy look, the taste of snails is the right association.

Having been bed bound last four days suffering from the 2nd cold/flu this winter, I will defer other mathematics related taste synaesthesia in my next blog as I understand his taste synaesthetic experience in numbers and equations is just as complex as in geometric shapes.


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