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Tasting Series: 3. Tasting and Seeing Music


PragueBohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague is a reputable symphony orchestra in Czech Republic. One of its key roles is to promote Czech’s musical culture to millions of visitors drawn to Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

This year, Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague performs Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons regularly at Municipal House Hall Prague. Interestingly, Antonio Vivaldi performed at this very site, where the Royal Court palace used to be, almost 300 years ago during his golden time. The current hall was constructed at the beginning of the last century after the site had been demolished.

When we were visiting Prague in April, taking children to their first concert at such a musical part of the world was high on our agenda. When we found out it was children’s beloved The Four Seasons to be performed by a Prague leading symphony orchestra, we could not believe our luck.

It was truly an extraordinary night. The whole performance lasted 65 minutes. Children got right into the music and were on their best behaviour.

On the way back to our hotel, children could not conceal their excitements. They were eager to share their amazing experiences.

As expected, they were seeing colours all over the place throughout the concert. Colours were floating and flying from one thing to another, touching the main violinist’s lip, brushing through the conductor, flying over only to land on the pianist’s leg. Skye saw objects moving around as well. For example, during Winter from The Four Seasons, he saw snowballs flying from one end of the stage to the other. His head was moving around non-stop to trace colours and objects that no one else could see.

Skye can play the core part of Spring from The Four Seasons on piano. He has also heard other pieces played on piano before. He noticed the difference in his synaesthetic experiences because the main instrument played at the concert was violin, not piano.

Each season piece had its own taste. When “Spring” was on, it had a fresh marshmellow taste and the colour theme was light pink. “Summer” had a dry taste. When he was listening to it, he also felt his body tempareture went up by 3 degrees. There was an overall Orange theme for “Summer” as Orange was a warm colour like sun. “Autumn” tasted like tomato and raspberry, and projected a bright red colour, reminding Skye of beautiful autumn leaves. “Winter” changed the theme to black with white spreading on the top. He was tasting sweet snowballs.

I had tears in my eyes. It was a memorable night, not only because we saw a world class performance in one of the most beautiful cities, but also the experience has brought me one step closer to my children and made me appreciate their difference.

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