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Tasting Series: 2. Tasting Personalities

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What do I taste like? That’s the first question a parent wants to ask when you know your synaesthetic children can taste people and their personalities. When you were assured that you tasted not too bad, it was a relief :-)

I can report that I taste like home-made food: a mixture of home-made pasta, lasagne and any home-made dishes that Skye’s Nana (my mother-in-law) cooks, and with a touch of vinegar. The taste gives Skye a very homey feel.

Personalities -> Flavours is an extremely rare type of Synaesthesia. According to the stats collected by Dr. Sean Day, the President of American Synesthesia Association, there are only 0.11% of Synaesthetes who have this type. This equates to one in every tens of thousands.

Skye tastes all the people he knows well with multiple flavours. The less he knows someone, the less complex the taste becomes. It then comes down to the same taste for people he doesn’t know based on one’s nationality, e.g., Singaporean and Malaysian taste like Singapore Noodles whereas German people taste like German style food, e.g., German sausages.

There was a relief teacher at school. She didn’t look healthy. Skye only met her twice, but tastes half butter sandwich and half plain taste whenever he thinks about her. Butter to Skye is not a healthy thing. Also he doesn’t know her well, hence the half plain taste with almost no flavour.

This plain taste differs from the plain personality. To him, one of his friends is half plain and half interesting. Thus, he tastes him half plain rice and half fried rice. The contrast reflects the two aspects of the friend’s personality.

My dad, his granddad has very interesting tastes, i.e., 1/4 of pork chop, 1/8 of red dates, 3/8 of noodles, and 1/4 of sunflower seeds. My father loves cooking and is an expert in making noodles and pork chops. Whenever he sits down to watch TV, he eats those yummy Chinese sunflower seeds :-)

When Skye thinks of his Maths professor friend, he tastes half strawberry banana shake and half Hawaiian pizza. The professor’s office is located in a district full of Italian pizza restaurants. Strawberry banana shake is how Skye thinks about mathematics.

Oh little Thomas tastes people too. One of his favourite girls tastes like half mango and half avocado. He tells me I taste like North Melbourne Football Club. I am yet to understand what that taste is like. Until then, keep guessing …

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  1. So amazing to read these stories. I am curious to know how I taste like by Skye and Thomas:-)

    Look forward to more interesting stories

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