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An average human is said to be able to perceive a million different colours. There are some people, though very few, can see even more.

Since Skye was in kindergarten, he sensed that he was able to see more colours than his peers. He could tell subtle differences in two very similar colours. His colour vocabulary was vast for his age. He did not know why.

Skye did not know that other people only could see the colour in display. He thought everyone was seeing multiple colours on each object if an object gets noticed. When one day, he finally realised that other people did not share his perception, he was totally shocked. He even went silent for a period of time. In his young mind, he tried to work out if there was something wrong with him.

Taking colours away from him was impossible. It was like all of a sudden, a little fish was told it could not swim in water any more. Colour is like life oxygen to Skye, spontaneous and beautiful. It is a way he expresses his thoughts, it is a method he conceptualizes, it is a dear friend who helps him create music and art, it is a teacher who shows him complex Maths and science.

The word “Synaesthesia” then entered our household. Skye no longer needs to worry, and he let his colour run wild.

In this world, Skye perceives the majority of things and beings in colour. This adds to his synaesthetic taste, smell, touch and sound, his mind naturally non stop receives information from multi-dimension and multi-channel which increases his brain capacity and complexity more and more.

Skye is hardly overwhelmed by his multi-sensory perception. He thinks the biggest shame is that he cannot share what he sees, often extraordinarily beautiful, with his friends or other people around him. When he gets a strange stare, he needs to remind himself not to carry away too much.

Skye is spiritual, but is not religious. He visits the school chapel once or twice a week as part of his religious study. The biggest joy of visiting chapel is to see amazing colours around different lights.

Light colours change depending on what he thinks at the time. He is currently planning a trip to Scandinavia with his two best friends when they turn 18 which is six years away. Whenever he thinks about Finland, it comes the northern light. The lights in the chapel turn into purple, blue and green.

Sometimes, he pictures himself as a hobo when he is 30. This thought brings on black and white stones falling and rising from the light. He quickly turns his thought to be the King of Gahooulia, his invented country, a golden rainbow starts appearing. Like a normal rainbow, his golden rainbow has seven colours as well. They are gold, silver, bronze, platinum, diamond, emerald and azure.

When he is tired of looking at dark colours, his eyes turn to candle lights. For some reason, candle lights add yellow orange stripes to the same colour perception triggered by thoughts as per normal lights, except all dark colours get removed.

“Skye, stop looking at the lights! You should be looking at Father H.” He is often worried that his teacher would soon notice. But the golden rainbow is so beautiful that he is willing to take a risk of looking away from Father H.

“Mum, can you see what I see?” Skye looked at me curiously.
“I wish I could :) ” I was full of envy.

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