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Synaesthesia and Career Choices

Pursuing a career in which a person has some amazing synaesthesia can be exciting and beneficial. Although synaesthetes are best known for being musicians, artists, and writers, they come from all walks of life.

One of the world’s best perfume makers uses his smell synaesthesia to create different scents of perfume. Some outstanding chefs crafted their delicious dishes through their unique taste and smell perception. There are many more examples of how synaesthetes apply their hidden abilities in their daily life to better their career.

Skye has a wide range of interests. He often wonders what work he can do when he grows up, oh that’s besides his other work such as finding a cure for cancer, discovering things outside of the Universe, solving one or a few Millennium Maths questions. One of my girlfriends said to me her daughter thought she should be able to receive a Nobel Prize before 30. My friend thought her daughter had some kind of dilution. Does the new generation of children no longer think the sky is the limit? However, it’s always nice to dream big when you are young, and deal with the reality later.

Skye’s long term career goal is to become a Super Detective. He has passed his first self assessment spectacularly. His self assessment was to find out where each child in his grade lived without peeking any school files. Within a short period of time, he not only knows where each child in his grade lives, but also finds out where many other children at his school live. His heightened senses in recognising people’s faces and establishing an assumption of a relationship between a stranger he sees in front of a house and a child at school, observing different cars parked in front of his school and their number plates, looking at personal effects and characteristics outside people’s houses, and some casual conversations to test his assumptions with different children, all helped to achieve his target.

Now his new career goal is to become an architect. That can be a very possible option in my opinion. I have mentioned a couple of times about Skye’s house and house design synaesthesia. There is more. When he sees a floor plan of a house or a building, his taste sense is evoked immediately. This initial reaction signals an overall degree of quality of a design. A sweet taste usually means the design is of acceptable to good quality. If it tastes sour or like a 10-day old rotten egg, it means that the design needs a substantial re-work.

If a slight colour is added to the floor plan, e.g., adding some green colour in the landscaped area, that’s even better as the colour can trigger off his full-on synaesthesia.

Upon seeing colours and tasting flavours in his mouth, the entire finished product, i.e., a completed building or house, is projected in front of him. This allows him to visualise what the actual building will look like when it’s finished before even starting the construction phase. His multiple dimension synaesthesia (seeing himself inside a 3D building, and viewing from different angles) helps him greatly in recognising which part of design may have a potential problem, and how smooth different parts are integrated.

Skye uses a metaphor “Riding on Buildings” to describe his synaesthetic relationship with buildings and houses. He thinks himself riding on a building or a house, just like hopping on and off a tour bus in Budapest.

Thomas’ career goal is a bit simpler, or is it? He wants to become a coach for his football club, or a doctor to help people live forever, or a train expert who invents a place called Trainland. The first one, in my opinion, is near impossible. But the last two hopefully can be half realised. I think Thomas can indeed become a great doctor with his caring and intuitive personalities. In addition, he can smell illness and death. Thomas believes he can smell and hear the world with many credible facts. So I really think he can. He protected me on many occasions from getting caught in a storm or danger as he could smell a storm or a situation a good five minutes earlier than me. I have a dog like nose myself, but Thomas’ olfactory sensation is in a different category.

My children have fundamentally changed the entire aspect of how I look at senses in human beings, and how an individual can potentially make a significant contribution to the world by pursuing a career that allows him/her to fully utilise those incredible, yet practical hidden synaesthetic abilities.

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