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Sound Synaesthesia Series: 7. Hearing Colours (A Poem of Synaesthesia)


When I see blue I hear lions roaring
When I see white and brown I hear pony
When I see green I hear trees moving
When I see yellow I hear crabs nipping
When I see purple I hear people stomping.

That was what Thomas had left on my iPad this morning before he and Skye went away with their dad for a few days’ stay at the farm.

Thomas very recently told me that he could help me with my blog by writing a few little stories of his. So before I left for work this morning, I asked Thomas if he could write five sentences about his Colour to Sound Synaesthesia.

I didn’t expect those five sentences were as neat as this. It’s almost a poem of synaesthesia. How I amazed by the way he expressed himself. I felt my little son finally let me into his inner world.

As the younger child in the family, Thomas feels the challenge of trying to live up to his elder brother’s standard. His own brilliance has been constantly over shadowed by Skye’s intelligence. So many times, we asked him not to compare himself with Skye and he should see all the great attributes possessed by himself, but it is easily said than done. I probably can relate to Thomas’ experience. But fortunately as a girl, I didn’t feel a great deal of pressure by having a prodigy elder brother.

My children associate some colours to music styles and rhymes. Thomas hears Jimi Hendrix playing guitar when sighting a dark red colour. This is the colour of his dad’s car. Jimi Hendrix was, and still is, his dad’s favourite musician. Skye hears marimba going crazy when he sees black. Skye and Thomas share the same sound response to the yellow colour.

Let me describe Skye’s colour to sound perception by using Thomas’ idea. I know it is hard to match the original piece as Thomas wrote with his feel, sensation, and the real experience.

When I see turquoise I hear turtle swimming
When I see red I hear fire engine ringing
When I see yellow I hear crabs nipping
Oh here comes my favourite colours
When I see gold I hear people eating
A yummy yummy chocalate
When I see bronze I hear tropical paradise singing
A magic magic theme.

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