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Synaesthesia in Astrology – Skye the Bull


What happens when a bull’s journey starts? He gets lots of support from his best friends, the fish, the crab, the maiden and the mountain goat. He experiences tonnes of interesting characteristics from his other friends, scorpions, in particular. But the bull’s life may not be as easy as you would’ve thought! The bull will certainly encounter creatures whom they do not like at all. This mainly includes the water bearer and the lion. The bull experiences other people too, including the twins, the scales (another one of the bull’s great companions), the centaur and the greatly admired, outspoken ram. But Skye, as a bull, has a gift which definitely not many other bulls have! It’s a gift, where you can see the other creatures in colours which not many other creatures in this WORLD can ever possibly imagine with the tip of their naked eye. And it’s not just colours, it’s also personalities, tastes, feels, smells and sometimes, even sounds! All, in which sounds absolutely crazy to many other ‘ordinary’ creatures, but not to Skye, the Bull.

If he looks at the ram’s (Aries’s) sign (♈), Skye will always notice a light shade of red, now THAT’S something unique which even a ram will certainly appreciate the unique spirit of and THAT certainly does not happen very often, that’s for sure! When he looks at his star chart, he is looking at all the flowing colours going around the chart, particularly to the few planets positioned in Aquarius, which explains why Skye is a bit eccentric, all thanks to his special gift! And as well as all the wild, exciting, vivid and equally as eccentric colours that Skye the Bull can see, there are also the times when Skye can feel and touch as he looks at astrology too.

For instance, if he looks at his chart and finds very bad aspects, he will immediately feel very warm and he will feel like he has a shocking headache even though he does not. However, if he spots a very good aspect, he will feel a very breezy wind as if he is being kissed on the lips by any random girl! Sagittarius is one of Skye’s favourite signs, when Skye thinks about Sagittarius, he will always see really cute colours flowing around him, and he will feel very good and very sugary things. He will also hear very friendly noises of his good Sagittarius friends. He even smells a very strong carpet kind of smell, because Skye believes that carpets match the Sagittarius’ personality. All this is information which probably not even an imaginative Sagittarius could imagine. In fact, it’s not just Sagittarius, it’s every single unique sign, all which he sees, smells, tastes, feels and hears.

Aries causes Skye to think out of the box. He will see a fair bit of magical light red and will feel slightly above average heat. He will hear people yelling at each other even though Skye likes the sign Aries very much, and will taste slightly sweet sugar. Taurus gives Skye a more relaxed feel, but every once in a while, he sees a very dangerous red in them, as well as very nasty bull behaviors. But overall, green and red are the colours which Skye sees in this patient sign. As it is his own sign, he tastes a very sweet, tropical fruit drink, and weirdly, he also tastes a bit of straw and wheat. He will hear gusts of wind and a few birds chirping and a few insects making their sounds too. It’s very relaxing. He also smells some fresh air. Skye feels a lot of wind flow onto his cheek, as if a girl would be kissing him.

Here is a slight flavour of SYNAESTHESIA IN ASTROLOGY that Skye the Bull experiences.

This closing blog of Year 2015 was written by Skye. The featured synaesthesia types Astrology Charts/Zodiac Signs to Colour/taste/Smell/Touch//Sound/Personality/Temperature are the most memorable synaesthesia types Skye developed in 2015.

Some time in the new year, you will see the publication of “Brilliant Young Minds: A Synesthesia Family Memoir“, a book which assembles stories of my family especially stories of my two children, from the pregnancy and birth, to the events which started each of their synesthesia, to their growing up journey. The book documents approximately 100 synaesthesia types shared between them. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for your wonderful support in the past year. I hope you continue enjoying Synaesthesia Discovery in 2016. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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