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To mark Synaesthesia Discovery’s one-month birthday, my humorous husband sent me a cartoon picture. In the picture, a fully pregnant woman was saying to her friend, “Doug and I swore we’d never have children …… But that was before he ran out of things to blog about.” Trying hard to hold my amusement, I sent him a response back and added a line to the friend on the picture “Let’s hope the baby has Synaesthesia……So he won’t run out of things to blog about for a while.”

I sincerely thank everyone for the support and kind words I have received last one month. An idea of recording my family’s real stories has been in my mind for a long time. Looking back, I realised what an amazing journey we have gone through and how rewarding it has been.

When I first discovered our first born’s colour synaesthesia many years ago, I was not that concerned. Synaesthesia research before 2006 was no way as advanced as now. I did not find too much information on Internet, nor did I try that hard to understand. Therefore, when I realised that our first child had synaesthesia in all 5-linked senses a few years later, I was totally shocked as I didn’t know that Synaesthesia had that many forms and could be such an influencer or even a driving force of one’s behaviour, characteristics and many other things. Sooner after, it became clear that our second child had Synaesthesia too. Having equipped myself with better knowledge, I was able to deal with that discovery with far more grace and calmness.

Understanding his perception difference from a very young age, Skye used to be confused and even scared. He was not sure why other children around him didn’t have those perceptions, and wondered if his mind was crazy. He was able to finally release his feeling when I started asking him and explaining what it was. He even cried after knowing there was nothing wrong with him, instead, he should feel proud of having something special.

Now, I am able to embrace my children’s Synaesthesia much more positively. I don’t want my children to grow up in a society that no one understands or can relate to them. I hope my writing can help some people realise that they may have some form of Synaesthesia and there is nothing to feel stressed about, or can help people understand that synaesthetes are just like everyone else, but with quite different ways of thinking and seeing the world. Together, we can advance human knowledge and make more discoveries that lie ahead of us.

There are too many people whom I need to thank for. First my two beautiful children. Without their willingness of sharing their stories, the creation of this blog site would have not been possible. To talk about such personal experiences can be very confronting. They have never shared their Synaesthesia with any of their friends. However, they truly understand that a lot of people and brain researches may benefit from their willingness of sharing their stories.

I also would like to thank people who have taken a genuine interest in Synaesthesia: my work colleagues, my children’s maths professor friend, my synaesthete friend from Canada, my other friends and family, and many Synaesthesia researchers/neuroscientists/synaesthetes who have helped tremendously to improve our knowledge in this field.

I have a few plans for this blog site. I hope in the coming months, I will be able to:
1. Provide a better categorisation based on synaesthesia types;
2. Write more targeted articles based on your feedback and requests;
3. Create a guest contributor’s page, and invite research scientists, other synaesthetes and interested parties who would like to write in;
4. Create a bi-monthly newsletter for subscribers.

I asked my children how they felt about me running this blog site. Skye said he was ultra excited. I asked him why. He said he felt better to tell people rather than to hide. “Imagine if no one else knows, and I am about to die one day, I say to people, ‘oh sorry, by the way, I have this amazing thing called Synaesthesia, but I didn’t tell anyone.’ What a waste of my life!”

Thomas gave Skye a serious look. “But you won’t die. I have told you before. We are all going to live forever!”

Here starts another long story …

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