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Ordinal Linguistic Personification – Part 1

Ordinal Linguistic Personification (OLP) is a synaesthesia type in which an individual associates ordered sequences such as numbers, letters, and months with various personalities. From my own experience in Object Personification Synaesthesia and a bit of reading, I find quite a lot of common characteristics between OLP and Object Personification Synaesthesia. The key attributes associated with both types are gender, age, personality, family relationship or friendship which quite often exhibit control, dependency, equality, or any relationship style found in real life.

To an onlooker, OLP perception can appear to be amusing. However, for a bearer, it offers an incredible system of categorisation through which some advanced skills in numbers and letters, intuition about human relationship can be developed.

Both my children have strong OLP. It is a very complex synaesthesia type and will take a few posts to cover the main aspects of it. I will start with their number OLP.

Thomas has a relatively simpler, but still fascinating system. He thinks the “Infinity” is the eldest in the family. In general, all even numbers are female and odd numbers are male, but there might be some exceptions. The sibling relationship usually is derived from multiplication whilst the elder generations are age based numbers.

For example, Number 6, an even number, is a girl whose sister is Number 12 because 6 is half of 12. She also has a step-brother Number 3. Her father is Number 45 (age related), and mother is Number 38. Number 75 is the grandpa whereas 70 is the grandma, 97 is great-grandma and 90 is great-grandma, and so forth.

Skye has a very complex system which reflects his sophisticated mathematical mind. He sees personalities in all numbers regardless how many digits they are. The list below gives a few examples:

Number 1: is Number 3′s brother. He also has a sister called Number 9. He is the youngest sibling out of all. He is 5 year old. Number 3 is 7 and Number 9 is 8. Sometimes, Number 1 is disappointed that he is the youngest.

Number 2: in Year 11 at school. Her teacher is around 38 (or in late thirties). She has a step-sister Number 7. They have the same father Number 55, but different mothers.

Number 3: surprisingly is happy to be the middle child. His mother is number 42, his father is 796.

Number 4: very relaxing and lazy. She does not like homework, and spends only 5 minutes to complete her homework. Her father 192 is always at work. Her mother 422 is not very clever with her daughter. Her hobby is to go to the beach and lie under an umbrella, and drink ice tea with her sunglasses on. She uses her straw to drink ice tea. She doesn’t get permission from her parents, but she does that anyway.

Number 5: An orphan who has no parents or grandparents. He is only a child. The only relation he has is a cousin named Number 1312. His mother used to be Number 12, but died. His father was Number 1,356,472, died at the age 53 as well. Number 5 was two only at the time of his father’s death. His mother Number 12 had him when she was 46. He is a quiet child, does not like to talk about his parents. Only one person at his school, i.e., Number 67, knows about his deceased parents.

Number 6: is the mother of Number 2, and step-mother of Number 7. She is an expert in playing harp. She is also very good at handling threats and can handle something 1 million times worse than a roller coaster. Some people think she is not a real person because she is too strong. People try to stay away from her as they are worried Number 6 can throw them to Vietnam or Japan.

Number 7: a very obedient person. The only two numbers she doesn’t obey are Number 3,487,822, that’s her great-grandfather who is still alive, and Number 2,301,533 who is a disabled child who likes to come up and punch her in her heart a few times. She gets along with Number 4 well except 4 is not obedient with her homework.

Number 8: only has a brother named Number 65. He is a half chatterbox and a half bully, but he himself feels quite unique. He is a bit depressed as no body likes his shape, i.e., two round circles.

Number 9: has two younger siblings 1 and 3. Their father is a policeman. He has caught many baddies. The worst criminal he caught was Number 422,195 who is now in jail for the rest of his life. He was arrested after dressing up as a good guy, and telling small children to buy guns and kill themselves.

Number 10: he feels a bit jealous that he is the lowest two-digit number. He wishes he was Number 12 or higher. His friend Number 11 feels the same way. The two friends have been in the same class every year and have been happy together. They are both aged 12. They only live down the road to each other.

Number 752 (Skye’s favourite number): she is very useful, and can just do about anything. The only thing she can’t do is to make something 1 million times worse than a roller coaster for Number 6. Once, she invented a few numbers by using algebra, DNA and all that kind of things. The numbers she made are 32,548 and 4,999,996. She also made the number 2 after that, i.e., 4,999,998. A famous scientist named Number 2,001,367 invented the number in between. Unfortunately Number 752 didn’t get a chance to invent that number quick enough, and was beaten by Scientist 2,001,367 by 31.564 minutes.

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