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Multiple Dimension Visual Synaesthesia

Synaesthetes are often visual learners. Their visual perceptions, I believe, can be quite different from those of non-synaesthetes. Once, a colleague of mine, who also has multiple synaesthesia, said to me that 3D visualisation was something we (synaesthetes) were good at, and was a strong skill set we brought to the work practice. Now thinking about what he said, it does make sense.

We had a family movie afternoon watching Ice Age 4, eating and relaxing on the couch and bean bags in our TV room. Although it was our second time watching this movie, we still enjoyed it very much. Children were laughing and giggling.

The movie was in normal 2D, but a few times throughout the movie, when the camera was moving, Skye saw a 3D black cube appearing on the left hand side or underneath of the movie image. Each time, it lasted approximately half second before the 3D cube disappeared. He felt that he was in the theme himself. When the camera was moving towards the iceberg, he felt he himself was landing on the iceberg.

Many times, a 2D square shape appeared when the camera was staying still. The shape was in green and yellow. Later on, I learnt that this has been a regular synaesthetic experience for Skye. Interestingly, he tells me that if he watches a 3D movie, he sees a black 4D shape, similar to the 4D image attached though not exactly the same. He usually adds an extra dimension to his own projected images, e.g., a 3D shape for a 2D movie, and a 4D shape for a 3D movie.

Skye said to me that he probably would invent five or more dimensional movies if no one has done that before. That adds to a list of things that he wants to invent.

Last weekend at the farm, with the darkness drawing close, we set up a bonfire. I had never realised the magic a bonfire could bring visually until that moment. I was gazing at the fire for ages. I first saw an elegant fish with a female body coming out of the water. She was leading the way with a gracious pose. Then one beautiful fish after another, they all slowly danced out of the water. They were not in a hurry, they were full of calmness. The vision really relaxed me. When the fire became smaller, I saw baby fish coming out of the water as if they were following their mothers.

I looked across the terrain, it was pitch dark. I knew the ponies were somewhere close by, but I couldn’t see them. I looked further up to where the terrain merging into the sky thinking about the synaesthetic vision of a bonfire I had just experienced. For the first time in my life, I truly felt the joy of synaesthesia.

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