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Locations of Characters

One of Skye’s strongest synaesthesia is to feel a person at a specific location based on his/her voice, look and characteristics. He is incredibly intuitive. Many times, he tells me what goes through a person’s mind without talking to the person. It quite often turns out to be very accurate.

I have been wondering for years what will be the best school for my children in future. I spent a considerable amount of time last few months looking for schools. Today, after spending some time at a prestigious private school, which is quite different from other private schools I have visited, I realised what I really wanted for my children.

It may sound laughable. We feel this school is like a 5-star holiday resort. It seriously made me travel back to my childhood and put myself in my children’s shoes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be on holidays every day? Meals were all provided for and looked delicious. Children zoomed from one building to another, swimming, playing and studying. Everyone looked happy.

It does make our decision much easier. It was not surprising that the first thing Skye said to us after a day of exploration was “can you apply me for boarding?” Oh great! Here goes our early retirement plan!

Skye told me later on that nearly every room and every person at the school gave him synaesthesia.

The literacy teacher made Skye feel she was in a French toilet as she reminded children many times to go to the toilet. She also has a very Scottish accent.

The Science lab tasted a mixture of German sausages, chemical and something unexplainable. The teacher gave him a German feel. Skye felt that the Science teacher was doing three things at once: eating a mango, talking to his wife and doing a science experiment. His characteristics reminded Skye of a family friend whose wife once made a mango salad for us.

The Art room had a strong smell. There were two teachers and both had strong voices. He felt that the main teacher was in a shop in Abu Dhabi, and the assistant Art teacher was delivering pizza to another customer. The Art room tasted like 3/8 lemon, 3/8 vinegar, 1/8 spring rolls and 1/8 sushi. It was kind of Asian and kind of European. Both lemon and vinegar gave him a strong feeling.

With the other two specialist teachers, one was like in a Munich breakfast room and the other was like peeling a mandarin and trying to look for a book in a library at the same time. The second teacher had a very clam feel. Peeling mandarin oranges is how Skye associates calmness.

The lunch room tasted like 3/4 coffee and 1/4 watermelon. Watermelon is how he thinks about private schools.

The Swimming Centre gave Skye a sensation that he was in a vacuum cleaning room, tidy and cosy. Skye felt the life guard stand in a cosy house at the peak of a mountain making fruit salad.


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