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Kinetics to Spatial Location Synaesthesia

Kinetics to Spatial Location Synaesthesia has not been seen as a documented synaesthesia type. It is very uncommon. When colours, shapes and sounds are present at the same time as kinetics, things can get even more complicated and entertaining.

Watching people run makes Skye feel that he is in a tropical pool in Bali. Seeing people do Karate gives him a sense of being at a mixed location, i.e., on the border of Asia and Middle East.

Skye’s synaesthetic responses towards a moving car is rather sophisticated. It depends on the colour, or the shape, or the noise made by the car. A long green thin framed car makes him feel he is working at a refinery. Sometimes, he can see himself at an elderly couple’s house chatting while seeing a similar sort of moving car. However, a small curvy green car changes where he feels he is at. This time, he is not at a refinery, but at a supermarket working.

At the sight of a blue moving car is when he sees himself at a music class. His favourite golden colour car places him in a star-shaped cabana. Deep down, all these metaphors are meaningful to him. A star shape is how Skye perceives something famous, like a famous heritage site. Gold gives him a feel of being famous.

Different car sounds made by moving cars trigger off different tastes which can be categorised by three different types of rice. The elder a car is, the heavier its sound becomes, and the heavier a flavour gets. Noises made by new model cars are relatively lighter. He can taste plain rice. Sounds made by not so old, and not so new cars taste like fried rice whereas those old car noises taste like Nasi Goreng (Indonesian spicy fried rice).

Skye loves running at the same spot without moving forward for fun. He sees himself in a shallow Jamaican ocean doing the same thing. Watching people jog sends him to a mountain peak where he runs on a natural trail.

“What about swimming?” I was curious to know. Skye gave me a blank look.
“What about swimming?” I asked again. Skye has just finished the intensive swimming program organised by the school.
He dropped himself in bed and looked shattered. “Mum, this is a total tragic! No wonder I was demoted from Level 2 to Level 1B. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t bloody have any synaesthesia towards swimming!”

It was not completely true as I know he sees different colours for different swimming styles. But for the time being, I tried to show my sympathy by not laughing out loudly.

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