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As a compulsive inventor, if Skye had been born 50 years ago, he would have had invented the “outsourcing” model. The easiest target to implement this model was obviously his younger brother Thomas. Unfortunately, when Thomas was a baby, he was extremely lazy. It took him a good 19 months before he started walking, more than twice longer than his elder sibling.

Despite a slow start of his life, Thomas soon showed his usefulness. Very quickly, he was promoted to be Skye’s helper. Thomas transformed himself from a lazy baby to a happy child “slave”.

Skye was four by then. He instructed Thomas to find his pencils, pick up his erasers, and all sorts of tasks. Thomas was like a busy bee running around the house with his fat legs. When I got annoyed and asked Skye why he couldn’t do those things himself, his answer was very convincing. “Mummy, Thomas spent nearly two years drinking milk. Now I give him those things to do. I am clever, I need to do big things!”

Indeed, he has been doing “big” things, things including planning a trip to Planet Saturn, inventing all kinds of games for himself and Thomas to play, inventing a language called Gahooulian. After our recent trip to Europe, he was ever more enthusiastic about Gahooulian. When he was asked what was the real purpose of inventing a language, he gave us a bewildered look, “but I am going to create a country one day and I need a language.” He already looked at where he could establish his country Gahooulia, and thought about how his people could be self sufficient. He has generously invited us to live in his country once he becomes the King.

The other day, I was protesting against my husband for throwing out too much of his personal stuff. Skye said, “dad, keep some. They will one day end up at the Muzeum of Gahooulia as King’s father’s collection.”


  1. I enjoyed this story very much again :)

    Would be great to see any pictures of this new country !

    • Thanks so much Soph! I wish I had some pictures of Gahooulia to share with everyone! According to kids, Gahooulia looks like Prague.

      I have just found out that this post became the top story at Neuroscience Alltop followed by my other post “Visible or Invisible”. I was overwhelmed by the interest. I feel humbled.

      Thank you everyone for your support!

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