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Before I decided to create this blog site, I asked myself if I wanted such a big commitment. I knew I had to do it.

I feel I am in debt to too many people: people who first discovered Synaesthesia; people who spent their whole career researching Synaesthesia; many synaesthetes who struggled or are struggling to be understood; people who have synaesthetic children and are on a journey like myself; and my children and children’s children …

Synaesthesia research started back in 1800′s. One of the predominant figures who took special interest in this condition was Sir Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin. Galton himself was a child prodigy. His contribution to this world was not any less than that of his famous cousin, and his work was far more diversified.

After the publication of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”, “Galton devoted much of the rest of his life to exploring variation in human populations and its implications, at which Darwin had only hinted. In so doing, he established a research programme which embraced multiple aspects of human variation, from mental characteristics to height; from facial images to fingerprint patterns.” (Source: This led to much of his major work including Fingerprints and Synaesthesia.

One morning last year, after our usual Sunday run, Skye and I were sitting at a table drinking Chinese tea. He was deep in thought. Slowly, he started the conversation.

“Mum, we are always inside of something.”
“What do you mean?” I felt puzzled by his statement.
“We are now sitting inside of our house. If we go out, you may think we are outside and free, but no, we are inside of the earth. If we go outside of the earth, we are inside of the Universe. One day, we may even be able to go outside of the Universe, but I think there is something there too.”

He believes that there is something outside of the Universe and the space is infinite.

He said what he really meant was there always would be something bigger and better. Our knowledge is forever limited (finite) whilst there are many things which are infinite.

My blog is my family’s small contribution of our limited knowledge to this vast infinite journey of exploring human minds.

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