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A beautiful word “Sea”


What does the word “Sea” taste like, sound like, smell like, or feel like? What is the colour of word “Sea”?

Synaesthesia requires an inducer. An inducer can be a word, a name, a number, a letter, an image, a sound, a colour, a place, a movement, or many other things.

The word “Sea”, as an inducer, can trigger off all kinds of synaesthetic experience simultaneously. Skye immediately tastes mango, smells a watery smell, hears a sea wave sound, and feels texture. Little Thomas hears lots of fish swimming in the ocean, tastes salty water, and smells something not that easy to describe, something like pepper and salt. Oh yes, the word has a colour too.

The word “Sea” also projects an image of a mango drink with sand in the middle and the number ’7′, Skye’s favourite number, at the bottom of the drink. From the surface, some of those things appear to be unrelated, but once you realise that Skye associates mango with a tropical beach, sea, favourite drink etc., everything makes sense and becomes meaningful.

By the way of introducing Synaesthesia through this opening blog, I want to give you a slight taste of what Synaesthesia is like. This might be a very rare example as very few people in the world have synaesthesia in all five linked senses like my children do. However, all synaesthetes navigate the world with their unique multiple senses and dimensions. This makes things fascinating.


  1. Hi Spring! What a fabulous way to share Skye’s and Thomas’ amazing and unique gift with others. You always knew they were special. They are very lucky to have a mum that provides them encouragement, support, love and security to enable them to be all they can be. I look forward to reading more about your experiences with them. Lots of Love and Light to you all ! xx

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  3. I like your blog

    • Thank you for your kind words. I will be posting regularly. I will gradually introduce different types of synaesthesia through my blogs.

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